Casa de Sefarad­

Buy an online ticket to visit the Casa de Sefarad. Discover the secret of a forgotten culture and get to know the importance of the Jewish legacy of Cordovan sefardis.

Since Sefarad is the name given by the Jeweish referring to the Iberian Peninsula, sefardis are the Jewish which lived in Spain before their expulsion by the Catholic Kings.

Casa de Sefarad is located in Calle Judías, meters away from the Sinagogue, a privileged place which will allow you to impregnate yourself of everything that surrounded the jewish people when lived in our city.

The museum is also known as Casa de la Memoria because it pretends to rescue all the hidden artistic and human Heritage not known even by lots of Jewish.

To visit Casa de Sefarad is to know how Jew Religion was lived in Cordoba, how they ate, how they dresssed, the role of the woman in society, their music...even you could get suprised by an old chat from those times.

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You will just need to show your online ticket at the entrance

Price per person:4€
Childs under 11 years old: 3€
Students: 3€
Córdoba residents: 3€
Time:10:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 19:00
Duration: -
Week days:Every days
Meeting point:Calle Judíos esq. Calle Averroes