Casa de las Cabezas

Buy an online ticket to visit Casa de las Cabezas and inmerse yourslef in the deepest Cordovan Middel times, in the most dark and legendary city.

The building where is located the Casa de las Cabezas Museums has a very extensive history. It was Alcazar in the times of Almanzor, prison for Gonzalo Gustioz, father fo the Sevent Infants of Lara” and also Sinagogue, whose ownner was accused and executed by the Santa Inquisicion

The Legends of the Seven Infants of Lara, is very well lnow in our city. In fact, it names the stret where the museum is located.

A brawl in a Castilian famliy, leaded to Doña Lambra to the death for her brother in law Gonzalo Guzoiz and his seven children (Seven Infants o Lara). To accomplish it, she sent a lettter to Almanzor carried by Gonzalo Gustioz,, stating to kill the letter carrier. At the same time, the Seven Infants of Lara are killed in an ambush and beheaded. Almanzor decided not to kill the carrier, but to imprison him in this house.

The seven heads of the seven infants were sent to Cordoba where were hanged at the famous “Callejon of the Seven Little Archs” which are part of the house.

Further than a legendary house, you will find a perfectly structured museum, where you will enjoy numerous rooms that will take you to the times of the Reconquista, that Cordoba where still were remamining mulsim traditions which are the remote origins of many of the current traditions of Cordovan homes.

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Price per person:5€
Childs under 11 years old: Gratis.
Time:10:00 - 20:00
Duration: -
Week days:Every days
Meeting point:Calle Cabezas, 18