Daily bus to Medina Azahara

Buy an online bus ticket to visit Medina Azahara. This bus wil take you to the archeological complex in the most convenient way. Once you buy your ticket, you just have to meet the bus in one of the two available bus stops. Please, show some minutes earlier since the bus departs on time. The bus is yellow and it has written on it Medina Azahara. The distance to the destination is 9 kilometers or about 15 minutes. When you arrive, you will go to the ticket area yo get your ticket entrance for Medina Azahara (free for UE citizens). Our recommendation is to visit first the museum and then the archeological complex. It´s highly recommended the multimedia projection on how Medina Azahara was back in the X century. When you finish tour visit to the museum, you will have to go back ytthe parking lot where you will get a green bus shuttle to go to the complex. Bus shuttle price is included in the ticket.

Price per person:
  • Adults (per person): 9€.
  • Children (5-12 y.o): 5€.
  • Children (<5): Free
  • Cordovan residents: 5€.
  • 10:15 am
  • 11:00 am
Week days:Tuesday to Sunday
Bus stops: